It's a Love Hate thing......

I’ve been thinking about resilience a lot. What it means to have it and how you develop it.

I have a fuchsia just like this one outside my front door and I’ve spent years battling with it. Why?

Because I don’t like fuchsia and I wanted something else to grow there instead. It always felt too big, sprawling, taking the space from everything else. I would cut it back to a twig every year, I swear to god I’ve dug it up at least half a dozen times.

But, despite all the struggling, pulling, twisting and pruning it continues to be the fastest, most abundant and bloody resilient plant I have.

This year I surrendered, I decided to let it go.

I didn’t curb its growth, I let it do its thing. I watched it spread wide and tall displaying its big pink fat blooms for all to see with not a care in the world.

I’ve come to find a grudging respect for that plant.

I’ve accepted it into my garden and learnt a few things from it too.

How staying strong in the face of challenge comes from using the room that is available and working towards the light.

How having a focus can bring out your most creative side, making new shapes and reaching out to places not yet explored.

How there is a time for growth and rest, pruning back the old to make way for the new.

How you can still thrive even if not everyone likes or gets you

Guess it’s staying then 😊 Cheers pink fuchsia


Lisa Townsend