Rest today like your life depended on it tomorrow

This is a message to myself, but one that you might need to hear today.

I know it feels counter intuitive, like if you stop you might never start again. If you rest then you’ll be overwhelmed and have to feel all the feels you’ve been ignoring.

The truth is your body has something important to tell you and ignoring it over and over again is what happens when you are on the road to burnout.

How many times a day do you tell your kids to listen to you? Complain at work that your boss just doesn’t listen? Feel resentment towards a partner because they’ve gone against your wishes and not listened? This is exactly the tussle you are in with your own amazing, resilient hard working self, you are not listening to it.

The truth is rest and listening to your body will make you stronger, more compassionate and kick ass not only in your work but also in your relationships.

So rest today like your life depended on it tomorrow, give it the priority it deserves.

I can’t wait to hear about the difference it makes. Message me, email me, tell me and I will be there with a standing ovation. Rest well my friend x

Lisa Townsend