I have a little dream for you, it goes like this;

You live in a world where you start the day on your own terms with whatever floats your boat; yoga, some journalling or a quiet cuppa. You greet the morning calm and assured with a sense of anticipation for what the day might bring.

At lunch you find a quiet few minutes break from work and fill it with daydreams, imagining your very best creative self making the work you feel most connected to. Coffee breaks include powerful conversations about your business hopes and fears supported by friends and colleagues.


Your head space is a place where you feel in control. You can easily locate your trustworthy intuition and use it like a super-power to make awesomely creative and brave career decisions that work in your favour. You have feelings, express emotions AND have a successful business/career/job - so THERE!

 You have a sense of purpose that connects you to your unique potential.

You are awesome.

 Yeah! The end. Let's all go home..................


 Hmmm, I know your reality probably feels a million miles away from this.

Let me spin another tale:

You are constantly fighting a voice that says you are not enough; clever enough, smart enough, professional enough, confident enough, enough enough. It’s overwhelming and in order to shut it up you step away from the work you know you would excel at for fear of not getting it right. Or worse - trying and failing.

You are convinced that your trustworthy intuition is MIA (missing in action), in fact it might have only made one fleeting appearance back in 1998. Instead, you are blessed with a mind which has two settings; a) Chronic overthinking or b) asleep. You are stuck in a cycle of overthinking, with a healthy dose of perfectionism and comparison thrown in for good measure. It's hard to make any decisions when some other shit-bag has taken all the spare minutes in your day.


The truth is you are unhappy, stuck in a business/career that just doesn't feel right.

You are finding it increasingly difficult to keep the lid on your emotions. The result is that you come home and take it out on your partner/kids/the biscuit tin.

You are petrified that you'll never feel any different. You won't ever be able to grow your ideas/dreams/business and all that experience and education was for nothing.  Whichever way you look at it you are disconnected from what you really want.


 I'm here to tell you - I believe in you.

 I want to let you know that the truth is both stories are just two sides of the same coin. It just depends which story you decide to focus on.

 So, let's get the coin flipped and focus on the story you want to create.


You might be looking for help with:

- Progress and movement forward on your career goals.

- Finding & getting a new job that has the right balance of challenge and skill

- Nailing your next job interview

- A plan for your new business focusing on the right area

- Making more money in your business

- Interviewing and recruiting the right staff

- Getting clarity on new opportunities and knowing if they are worth pursuing

- Being in control at work

- Setting clear boundaries at work, talking about what you need and want

- Quitting your job

- The fear around setting up a new business


I’m Lisa Townsend, and I help creative women like you who are unhappy in their career/business realise their true potential and believe in themselves. My expertise is rooted in Positive Psychology, Creativity and Mindfulness which make for a powerfully effective combo.  

Here’s how I can help with my Career Coaching Package

We'll work together for 6 weekly hour-long coaching sessions, starting our first session clarifying what isn't working for you in your job or business, digging down to what your bigger goals are and making a plan for what’s next.


Of course coaching means that the results are different from person to person but, when we work together you can expect to get clear on; the reasons why you get up in the morning, on what you can accomplish, and on what you value about your work. We’ll join the dots between your gut, heart, and the work you were born to do.


I have a deep rooted passion for creativity and mindfulness and you can be sure that we'll explore these tools with a view to getting some serious awareness of what is really going on for you.

Tools to help:

- be in the present moment

- combat the sucky-mood-hoovering-voices that leave you paralysed

- evaluate your work without judgement.


Likewise Emotional Resilience is big on my list; let’s explore how to manage overwhelm and stress and welcome in the calm, focus and confidence. Yum. Side effects include making wiser decisions, a feeling of freedom, certainty, creative flow and control. Yes please.


These 6 sessions meet you exactly where you are and cost £300.


You know you need this if:

- You've been to business meetings, networks, possibly worked with other business owners and STILL feel frustrated and unable to get movement

- You feel drained from all the shit you are throwing at your business, hoping some will stick

- You know underneath there is a deeper issue. It's not a question of timetables, spreadsheets and routines, it is self belief, self worth, confidence and action.

- You're isolated and overthinking, feeling like your head might explode

- You’re having psychosomatic reactions to your job such as; feeling sick, constant headaches, permanently bloated, a string of coughs and colds.

- You complain all the time about work and even you are sick of the sound of your own voice

- You don’t like who you are when you’re at work

- You can’t seem to foster good relationships at work with management or certain colleagues


What's next? To make contact and let me know you’re interested in breaking through these blocks and start feeling aligned with your work again where you are stuck. Do this by filling the form in below and I'll be back in your InBox within 48 hrs.





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