You’re stuck in the same old patterns

it’s not doing anything for your business/career

that sucks.


You are constantly fighting a voice that says you are not enough. You are stuck in a cycle of overthinking and the question stuck on loop is ‘What do I need to do?’

I know, it’s overwhelming. It makes it impossible to make decisions. You step away from the work you want to do for fear of trying and failing. You are petrified that you'll never feel any different. You won't ever be able to grow your ideas and all that experience and education was for nothing.  

The result is you are finding it increasingly difficult to keep the lid on your emotions and end up taking it out on your partner / kids / the biscuit tin.

The truth is you are unhappy, frustrated and fed up. It’s time to take action.

Now I’m excited.

I’m excited because I know you want something more; Clarity, calm, focus and a plan.

I’m excited because you have passion and a desire to help others that makes you unique.

Together I know we can turn those career dreams into action.

Here’s how I can help in just 6 weeks.

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The Process

We'll work together for 6 weekly hour-long coaching sessions, exploring what isn't working for you in your job or business, digging down to what your bigger goals are and making a plan for what’s next. We’ll do this using a Solution Focused model which is concise, goal driven and focused on your future. Add to this my deep rooted passion for creativity and mindfulness and you can be sure that we'll explore these tools with a view to getting some serious awareness going on as well as exploring how to deal with set backs and blocks.

Although coaching results are different for everyone there are three key areas which form your coaching foundation.

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Get clear on your career vision and the blocks that are getting in your way. I’ll guide you through the tough questions as we explore the awesomeness of you, what you can accomplish and what you value about your work.



You can’t do nothin’ if you’re a big mess on the floor so building emotional resilience gets a big fat tick. You’ll learn new tools to manage overwhelm and stress, so get ready to welcome in the calm and increase focus.



Staying on track can be bloody tough and now you no longer have to do it alone. I will share my unique tool kit with you inc; how to locating your trusty intuition, making wiser decisions, and how to evaluate your work without judgement.

We’ll join the dots between your gut, heart, and the work you were born to do.

These 6 sessions meet you exactly where you are and cost £300.


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